Tips, Tricks & Techniques

 A collection of the different tips, tricks and techniques I learn along the way to make life easier with my beautiful rescue dogs. Some have worked, and some still need work. Feel free to search the posts and add any advice, tips and techniques of your own*!

DIY Puzzle Food Dispenser: A fun and easy way to entertain your dog as he uses his sniffing skills and mental stimulation with food rewards

Coping with New Years’ Fireworks: Some tips on how to keep your furbabies calm when there are fireworks and loud noises in the neighbourhood

Jolly up and Settle Down Practice this regularly and your reactive or hyperactive dog will soon learn to go from full throttle to zero in seconds!

“C” is for Cooper – the K9 Cookie Monster: Trying to curb binge eating, counter surfing and garbage bin raiding by the eternally hungry Cooper

Two Dogs and a Dodo: How NOT to break up a dog fight (1/5)

‘Cause you gotta have friends, that’s right, friends, friends: Phoebe has her first play date! (4/5)

…that’s right, friends, friends, friends: Phoebe has her first meeting with ‘Droopy’. Potentially a new friend and adoptive brother!

Deciphering the Dance: Is it fear, leash reactivity or aggression?

A Happy Kind of Tired – The Joy of Morning Walks: Getting some exercise to calm the nerves and tire the body before facing potentially stressful situations (5/5)

Excuse me While I Climb Onto This Here Soapbox: A Rant on positive vs Negative Training Methods

Splish! Splash! Phoebe Gets her own Paddling Pool! Overcoming a fear of water and learning to have fun again (4/5)

The Healing Power of Touch: Getting over the fear of being handled and learning to enjoy being pampered (5/5)

Kong to the Rescue! A delicious and fun distraction for Phoebe. (5/5 and 3/5)

Her Mistress’s Voice: Storytelling for Phoebe (3/5)

So Long! Farewell! Auf Weidersehen! Adieu! The Art of (not) Saying Goodbye (4/5)

{*Please note that I am not a professional in this field. If you are in doubt about your dog I strongly suggest that you find a local Behaviourist and/or Vet to give you advice about any medical or behavioural concerns you may have}

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