A New Year’s Resolution I can keep

A New Year's Resolution I can keep

Here’s to making a resolution that I can keep!


Blogtober Day 31: It’s Halloween! What are you wearing?

“You’re just spooked. It’s Halloween; we’re all kind of spooked. That’s just the way it is.”

– Matthew Leeth

It’s that trick or treating time of year! We don’t really need to do the “trick” part of the celebrations, but the “treat” part is a must! We’re a bit undecided as to which costumes are best, why don’t you let us know which ones you like most?

Look 1: Devilishly Mischievous Matching Costumes

Devil Halloween Dogs

Look 2 : Ready for a bewitching fiesta!

dog halloween


Thanks to everyone who followed, liked and commented on the ’31 Day Dog Blogtober Challenge!’ We hope to see you around here again soon!

Blogtober Day 30: Blogtober round up. Did you have fun?

It’s the end of the 31 Day Dog Blog Blogtober Challenge, and I am filled with both relief and disappointment that it’s over. Doing a challenge like this can be very demanding on your time, but it’s so nice to look back at the month and see how many posts you manage to achieve in such a short time!

Did I have fun? The answer would be “yes”. Would I recommend that others do a similar challenge? “yes” – especially if you are new to the blogosphere. In fact, there is already a great blogger who is doing her own version of this challenge – please go check out Sarah’s great blog about her adventures with her dog Choppy. Her 30 Day challenge can be found here.

The good stuff about the Blogtober challenge:

  • Blogging everyday gets your creative juices flowing. As I’m sure every blogger and writer knows, there are times when you lose the momentum of keeping regular posts, and finding new topics to write about. A challenge like this focuses your mind and gets you thinking about posts again
  • A challenge puts you in contact with other bloggers. By going onto WordPress every day, you not only increase visibility of your own blog, but you notice so many other great blogs that you would miss if you only log on once every week or two weeks.
  • It’s fun! For this challenge I changed from the usual informative tone of the blog and toyed with the concept of writing from Phoebe and Coopers’ point of view. Applying their personalities and giving them each a “voice” was entertaining, and gave me great insight into interpreting who they each are as separate dogs. It was often very entertaining!

The not-so-good stuff about the Blogtober challenge:

  • Time! The most precious commodity there is! The discipline needed to take even just a few minutes everyday to sit at the computer and tap out responses from both Phoebe and Cooper was sometimes challenging. There were also a few days that I just never managed to post – but I will still complete them in November, and link back to them!
  • Topics aren’t always easy or relevant. As this was my own, made up challenge, I scoured other challenges and randomly put topics together that I thought would be interesting. If I do the challenge again, I would definitely change or modify some of them.


And with that, let’s wrap this up with a farewell from your Blogtober hosts, Phoebe and Cooper!

bye Cooper

Bye Phoebe

Bye Phoebe

Blogtober Day 27: What’s your favourite treat?

Cooper says:

Did you say treat? Oh I’d love one, thank you! I’m known to gobble anything in my reach, so picking favourite would be a tough one…. Hmmmm… Here’s a short (and most certainly not exhaustive!) list of my Top 3 Treats:

  1. Biltong. My all time favourite! But I’m not actually allowed to have it because of the high salt content 😦 I still try to steal it from my Mom and Dad whenever I can though!
  2. Vienna Sausages. The chicken ones are great, but my folks won’t use them for training anymore because I get so obsessed with the sausages that any thought of following instructions flies out of the window in my frantic search for more of them.
  3. Dog Biscuits. Any kind will do, whether they’re my Mom’s home-made ones, or store-bought, I’ll wolf them down in delight!
Phoebe and I take our job as Mom's helpers very seriously... When she bakes those yummy Peanut Butter Biscuits we help out by cleaning the utensils! :-)

Phoebe and I take our job as Mom’s helpers very seriously… When she bakes those yummy Peanut Butter Biscuits we help out by cleaning the utensils! 🙂


Phoebe says:

Like all dogs I also have a weakness for delicious treats. Though I’m nowhere near as obsessed with them as Cooper is. I also differ from him in that I have excellent manners and will only politely take a treat if it’s clearly offered to me by my Mom. Digging up food, or even munching on stray food on the kitchen floor or from overflowing garbage cans is just so unladylike!

My Top 3 Treats are:

  1. The delicious chicken liver biscuits my Mom and Gran baked. Yummy!
  2. Peanut butter! Whenever I need medicine, or the odd treat, my Mom will give us a teaspoon of low-salt peanut butter. She also even made us some peanut butter biscuits that I just love!
  3. Popcorn. It’s so exciting whenever my Mom and Dad settle down on the couch after I hear all that pop! pop! pop!-ing from the kitchen. The crunchy, lite popcorn is the best accompaniment to a movie marathon for the whole family!
Yummers! Mom's famous home-made biscuits! My favourite!

Yummers! Mom’s famous home-made biscuits! My favourite!


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Blogtober Day 18: Does your name have a special meaning?

Phoebe says: “Bright, Pure”

When I arrived at my Mom’s door I already had a name – Phoebe. I’m not sure who named me, but it’s a name I really like, and it also seems to be a popular name for dogs on the blogs that Mom reads.

To check the full explanation on the “Behind the Name” Website, you can click here. But here’s a snapshot of what it said:

Screenshot (170)

Cooper says: “Barrel Maker”
When my Mom found me, the rescue organisation had called me “Droopy”. My Mom didn’t really like the name, and I wasn’t very responsive to it, so we all decided a name change was in order. The two choices were “Cooper” and “Dudley”. I’m happy we went with Cooper though – I think it suits me!
Screenshot (171)
Mom says:
Naming pets has become more and more difficult for me, as we’ve had so many different cats, dogs and fish over the years! I try to pick a name that “matches” the personality of the pet best, but with rescue animals I usually stick to their name because it’s part of their identity and a word they can respond to.
Of the names that I’ve given pets my top 3 “best” – ie. most fitting for the animal – would be:
  1. Mrs Miniver – I had just finished watching the old classic with my gran when we adopted a beautiful, majestic persian cat. The name fit her perfectly!
  2. Robin – My beautiful sidekick and faithful companion. He was the bravest, most loyal Boy Wonder!
  3. Jordan – Another beautiful, loveable German Shepherd I had as a teen. This boy was named after my biggest crush: Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block. And just like his boy band namesake, Jordan was full of energy and loved to dance and sing with me in the afternoons as I put on imaginary concerts for my imaginary audiences. Jordan was my biggest fan, and I his.


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