Blogtober Day 15: Your favourite dog blogs to read

"On the internet nobody knows you're a dog"

There are so many good blogs out there, it’s difficult to choose! Mom loves reading, bookmarking and thinking about all the new information, tips, and general stories everyone tells on the internet about what they know and learn from their dogs. With so many interesting blogs to read, the one thing Mom is really bad at is consistently commenting and engaging – but know that these blogs are enjoyed, and highly recommended!

Blogs about Training:

  • Fearfuldogs’ Blog: “Living with a fearful dog is a big eye opener and anything I thought I knew about dog training was quickly put to the test… I hope that my website and this blog help owners and rescuers of fearful dogs get some ideas about the best ways to work and play with their special needs dogs.”
  • Paws Abilities: “Whether you’re just starting off with a new puppy, looking to explore the world of dog sports with agility or rally, or dealing with serious behavior problems, we’re here to help. We help people enjoy their dogs.”
  • MyPositiveDogTrainingBlog: “The reason for this blog is to help dogs by educating people.”

Some of our favourite dog characters to follow are:

  • rachelmankowitz: Her stories about Cricket and butterfly are always funny, engaging, and entertaining.
  • Adventures at Run Amok Ranch: The stories about “Crazy Dog Lady”, her Husband “Crabby Man”, and the many different dogs that share the ranch. Posts are funny and touching at the same time.
  • My Imperfect Dog: Follow the tales of Silas as he slowly conquers his fears. Following his goals as they make them and reach them is inspiring, and reminds you that the realistic side of having a dog with fear “issues” can be a long, slow, slog, but it’s always worth it!
  • Phoebe’s Tales: Another rescue, with Phoebe’s name. Posts are informative, and entertaining.
  • Trevor The Rescue Dog: Trevor is an adopted Staffie who’s blog is filled with great pictures, posts and spot on insights.

And lastly, here are some favourite Instagram accounts you really should be following:

  • andrewknapp: Follow Momo, the border Collie who loves to play hide ‘n seek.
  • thedogist: Beatiful portrait pictures of dogs on the streets of New York
  • myregalbeagle: Follow Sid the cutest, sweetest and most vocal Beagle on Instagram! Beautiful pictures, and a remarkable recovery from a car accident that documented every step of the healing journey make him so loveable.
  • muttadventures: These four dogs are photographed in the cutest, most adorable poses – whether they’re playing dress up, getting their faces squished, or sticking their tongues out, they are always entertaining!


… and what about you? What are your favourite blogs and dog sites to follow? Please feel free to share your own, or your favourite blogs you follow in the comments section!


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