Food, Treats, Nutrition & Medicine

 A collection of the medical interventions I learn along the way to make life easier with my beautiful rescue dogs. Some have worked, and some haven’t. Feel free to search the posts and add any advice, tips and medications that you’ve tried. All suggestions, whether holistic or medical are welcome*!

Masterchef: The K9 Edition

Another Fun Dog Food Dispensing Idea from ‘Barking Mad’: These easy to freeze treats are great to keep the mind busy, the paws and mouth happy and your dogs temperature down on those scorching hot summer days

DIY Puzzle Food Dispenser: A fun and easy way to entertain your dog with empty bottles and kibble as he uses his sniffing skills and mental stimulation with food rewards

Phoebe & Cooper’s Peanut Butter Biscuit Deliciousness: Recipe for easy to make Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. A big hit with all dogs!

“C” is for Cooper – the K9 Cookie Monster: Trying to curb binge eating, counter surfing and garbage bin raiding by the eternally hungry Cooper

Phoebe’s Luscious Liver Treats: A Delicious Tool for training, nutrition and showing love by speaking to your dog’s tastebuds

Kong to the Rescue! A delicious and fun distraction for Phoebe. (5/5 and 3/5)

House MD: The K9 Edition

Cooper’s Tummy Troubles: After a week of ongoing vomiting Cooper gets treatment for reflux digestive issues

The Story of the One-Eyed Rockstar: Rocky loses and eye to Glaucoma, but makes an excellent recovery!

Keeping the Parasites at Bay A handy guide to the different products on offer to control and prevent infestations of ticks, fleas and other parasites

Looking to Natural Remedies – CalmEze. A vitamin boosting supplement to combat anxiety in pets (1/5)

{*Please note that I am not a professional in this field. If you are in doubt about your dog I strongly suggest that you find a local Behaviourist and/or Vet to give you advice about any medical or behavioural concerns you may have}

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