Blogtober 2014

The Blogtober Challenge is a fun daily post challenge I decided to do for the month of October in 2014. Below are the daily topics and links to each post. If you would like to take part, or do your own one I would love to see it, so please put a link here in the comments section so that we can all check it out!

31 Day Dog Blog Challenge Blogtober

The Day Before: The Big Reveal

Blogtober Day 1: Introduction and photo of yourself today

Blogtober Day 2: Your best friend

Blogtober Day 3: Something you’re afraid of

Blogtober Day 4: 3 things you want to say to people who annoy you

Blogtober Day 5: 3 things you want to say to people you admire

Blogtober Day 6: Your paw print

Blogtober Day 7: An old photo of you

Blogtober Day 8: Closest resemblance to which fictional character

Blogtober Day 9: Favourite trick

Blogtober Day 10: Where would you love to holiday?

Blogtober Day 11: What kind of dog are you?

Blogtober Day 12: Your favourite toy

Blogtober Day 13: Try a new food. Is it nice?

Blogtober Day 14: Guide to your city. Where is your favourite spot?

Blogtober Day 15: Your favourite dog blogs to read

Blogtober Day 16: What sport do you wish you could try?

Blogtober Day 17: Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Blogtober Day 18: Does your name have a special meaning?

Blogtober Day 19: Do you prefer to be outdoors or indoors?

Blogtober Day 20: Your favourite Dog charity or organisation

Blogtober Day 21: Biggest behavioural challenge to overcome

Blogtober Day 22: Biggest behavioural challenge already overcome

Blogtober Day 23: Who is your human celebrity counterpart?

Blogtober Day 24: Any plans on having kids?

Blogtober Day 25: Title of a book or movie that could be about your life

Blogtober Day 26: Do you have any ongoing health niggles?

Blogtober Day 27: What’s your favourite treat?

Blogtober Day 28: Any advice for future / present dog owners?

Blogtober Day 29: How much of the world have you seen?

Blogtober Day 30: Blogtober round-up. Did you have fun?

Blogtober Day 31: It’s Halloween! What are you wearing?

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