A Collection of posts on different tips, techniques and ideas to help a recovering rescue dog named Phoebe…

For those of you that need a quick recap on who Phoebe is, you can go back to my hiyapost on how I became an accidental foster, and then adoptive mother to Phoebe, and then how I came to love and deal with my crazy beautiful reactive girl. I really thought that once I had roped in the experts’ help and understood her problems we would suddenly come to a place where all her problems and fears would shrink away and totally disappear. Wishful thinking indeed!

There’s so much information I’ve had to research, process, learn and implement that I thought I would share some of my experiences and what’s worked for Phoebe and I. And from all the blogs, articles and info out there I’m clearly not alone in this search for the perfect formula!

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to start a series of posts focussing on those exact issues and coping mechanisms that I’ve learned about and tried. Some with success, some not. But hopefully it can come in handy for someone out there dealing with their own ‘Phoebe’ struggles.cooper intro


UPDATE: Phoebe has a new adoptive brother! His name is Cooper, and we’re all very excited to have him join the family! Cooper is also a rescue dog, he doesn’t have as many emotional scars as Phoebe did, but there are still a quite few areas we’ll need to work on. Mainly: Reactivity. Yup, another reactive dog is in the house!

I’ll also add any training or tips we use with him here, so be sure to check on all the progress both him and Phoebe make over time!


UPDATE: As of December 2014 the house here at The Dogtails has gotten two new additions to the family! Phoebe is coping well with her two new adoptive fur-siblings….Rocky hello

First up we have Rocky, a beautifully well-adjusted Chihuahua who loves to nap, cuddle and give back all the love he receives! When it comes to behavioural issues, Rocky seems to have the best temperament of the entire pack, though he does have a few medical issues. I’ll keep you updated on any issues and progress as we go.

Hello Bella

The other new addition is Bella. Bella is a Pekingese x Jack Russell who also loves a good pampering and cuddle. Bella doesn’t have reactivity problems, but what she does have is quite a few fear-based problems that she expresses through either lashing out, or by withdrawing and becoming a shaky, nervous wreck. Hopefully she’ll conquer all of these as we slowly work to get her to conquer all these fears and become a happy, healthy, self-confident dog!


This blog will be updated with links to my posts that I’ll be doing on my experience with the Rescue Dog Phenomenon, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety and whatever new challenges and successes we experience*. Click on the categories above to find the posts. I also heartily invite you to share your own thoughts, experiences and ideas as we go along.

{*Please note that I am not a professional in this field. If you are in doubt about your dog I strongly suggest that you find a local Behaviourist and/or Vet to give you advice about any medical or behavioural concerns you may have}


I also have another blog, The Bucket List Project, where I document my achievements towards a fuller, more exciting life. Feel free to go check it out!

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  1. Hi, I wanted to thank you for liking my post, For the Dog Lovers–10 Interesting Facts. Phoebe & Cooper are darling. What a wonderful thing you’ve done adopting rescues.


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