7 in a bed and the little one said …

You know those moments when your life resembles a song so closely you think it was written just for you? Well, lately I’ve had a song of a different type running through my head day and night. A nursery rhyme. Yup – the one about the nightly fight for us all to find the perfect spot to sleep for the entire evening without falling out of bed! We are literally at maximum capacity over here!


Luckily Cooper and Phoebe prefer their own beds, but that leaves me, my partner, 3 cats and 2 little dogs to fight over the queen bed! This is also not made easier by the ongoing disagreements between one of the cats and Bella (who is obsessed with crawling up to all the cats and staring at them for hours expecting some kind of spectacular tap dancing event, or something equally thrilling, that only she knows is coming).

With all these bodies fighting for space and snuggles no wonder it’s so difficult to get a decent nights’ rest!

When doing a quick google search you can see the opinions are divided on whether it’s a good or bad thing of you allow your pets to sleep in the bed with you. Does it cause interruptions in your sleep? Yes. BUT It raises your oxytocin levels (those feel-good hormones) increasing your sense of calm and wellbeing. So as with most things, you have to decide which outcome is more important to you.

In our house however, bed sleeping is such a habit that we couldn’t even change it if we tried. And frankly, I don’t know if I would want to. The occasional shuffle or need to move (often in an odd unnatural serpentine fashion so as not to disturb the sleeping pets!) is totally worth all the happy snoring and cute dreamy huffs as they each follow their dreams every night.

In case you think I'm exaggerating, I made a handy visual guide to the nightly sleep and bed space wars. That bed is so full there's barely space to represent it as a diagram even! :-)

In case you think I’m exaggerating, I made a handy visual guide to the nightly sleep and bed space wars. That bed is so full there’s barely space to represent it as a diagram even! 🙂

… So for now I’m off to bed, hoping that all 7 of us stay in and no one falls out!

“Roll over, roll over…”


How about you? Do your pets share the bed with you? Or do you think it’s a bad idea?


10 thoughts on “7 in a bed and the little one said …

  1. Ray can take-over a complete two-seater sofa so on a queen size bed, and if he stretches out across the width (which he is likely to do) he would effectively own the bed! More importantly however, he has “startle response” which means waking him up can be hazardous to ones health! So ………………. No! …………….. he doesn’t get our bed at night! 🙂


    • I can just imagine the chaos! And if Ray were to have any dreams of chasing rabbits I’m sure you guys would also get a few scratches and bruises too! Keeping him in his own sleeping space is probably best for everyone involved! 🙂

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  2. Oh yeah, know where you are with this, and it’s just Hubby, Maggie and me! 🙂
    The stats are something like 49% of dog owners allow their dogs to sleep on their beds, and we are in that club. Our other dogs had their own beds, but Hubby made that big mistake of being taken in by cuteness and puppiness, and well, the rest is history. Maggie prefers to sleep close to me, so it’s not unusual for her to be wedged between my hip and the side of the boat these days, or should I say nights. I’ve always been an edge clinger, so it makes no difference to me, However, although he won’t admit it, Hubby is the one who spreads out into all available space, but it’s ME who gets told to move over!! Funny though, I always seem to sleep better knowing Maggie is close. Daft isn’t it. :P.


    • Your Phoebe is a bit bigger than our little ones, so I can understand the space issue! I’m sure your Phoebe would try her best to climb in and snuggle with you if you tried a sleeping bag! 😉


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