#DogTreatFail: More Tummy Troubles

Another week of dealing with the Dreaded Digestive Distress! 😦 This time it’s for Bella and Rocky.

So this week I decided to bake the dogs some treats for when we are around the house and going for walks. I decided to make another batch of Phoebe & Cooper’s Peanut Butter Deliciousness that Phoebe and Cooper loved so much, and got cracking in the kitchen.

This is such a quick and easy recipe that I finished a double batch within an hour, and was waiting to let the treats cool before storing them in containers and in the deepfreeze. As usual Phoebe and Cooper very calmly but expectantly came to lie by the kitchen door to watch me as I work, knowing that they would be first in line to get any stray pieced of dough and would help with the “cleaning” of utensils. Rocky and Bella are still figuring out that there’s often “food falling from the sky” if there’s a human in the kitchen, but they too eventually sauntered into the kitchen eagerly waiting for an exciting taste of whatever was being made up on those counters!

Who would've thought that these tasty bites could cause so much trouble? And look, I even made little personalised cookies for each of the dogs!

Who would’ve thought that these tasty bites could cause so much trouble? And look, I even made little personalised cookies for each of the dogs!

Rocky and Bella have never had these before, and I was excited to see how much they would enjoy this new treat. Well, they certainly enjoyed it, but I made an absolute rookie mistake in allowing them to overindulge on dough and cookies that afternoon…. I hadn’t slowly tested and introduced the new food….

I’m sure many of you can now guess where this post is going… *sigh*

Yup, I hadn’t considered the fact that Bella and Rocky have never really been spoiled dogs. Loved, yes. But not really doted on physically and emotionally. Ergo, they’ve barely had any dog treats in their lives, nevermind decadent peanut butter ones!

And so, my happiness at their joy at gobbling up these treats and excitedly snacking on dough balls was very suddenly turned right around when I woke up the next morning only to find multiple puddles of smelly diarrhea all over the house. (They are house trained, but unlike the other dogs they don’t “ask” to go out if the door to the outside is closed. If it’s closed they just take it as a sign that anywhere else in the house is fair game. **double sigh** Yes, it’s something we’re working on!)

The worst part of it all wasn’t even cleaning up the mess all over, but how guilty I felt that I was the cause of so much tummy ache! Bella totally refused to eat, even turning away from hand feeding meat bits and Rocky only nibbled a bit here and there. The poor things!

Spending the day in recovery. Bella stares mournfully out of the window as her tummy grumbles, and Rocky sleeps the day away...

Spending the day in recovery. Bella stares mournfully out of the window as her tummy grumbles, and Rocky sleeps the day away…

Luckily it only took them 1 day to bounce back to their normal selves. The linen and wooden floors didn’t recover back to normal in quite such a short time, but I suppose all that elbow grease and inhalation of cleaning fumes was a good way to make sure I never again forget to test those new foods out sloooowly!

Rocky & Bella’s Effectiveness Summary:

Issue Addressed: Treats, Nutrition

Tool(s) Used: Your kitchen and baking skills

Cost: Low

Ease of Implementation: Easy. Well, I find all unintentional failures at trying something out happen to go off fairly easily and spectacularly.

Effectiveness Rating: I’m still gonna stick with a 5/5 for the biscuits for Phoebe and Cooper. For Rocky and Bella however  I’m going to have to go with a total #DogTreatFail of 1/5. Luckily they got better quickly without needing veterinary care and that a day long fast fixed everything that had been disturbing their digestion, but from now on I know to be far more careful of what and how many treats they have at a time!


Recently Cooper also had some tummy troubles (though a bit more serious), so I’m learning the signs, symptoms, and how to clean up after a dog very quickly! Have you got any tips on avoiding the Dreaded Digestive Distress issues?


5 thoughts on “#DogTreatFail: More Tummy Troubles

  1. Because of his malnutrition, anything with too much fat upsets Knox’s stomach in hours. Peanut butter is both overly fatty AND an allergy (eg. constant foot chewing) so we’ve avoided it in all forms. Our method now is to only give ONE thing different in a very small dosage, wait a few days, and increase. Luckily, we discovered his love for veggies (carrots! yams!) which has the same high-value effect as peanut butter. 🙂


    • Lucky you that Knox loves the good stuff! I keep trying to sneak in some healthy snacks for the dogs but they only like the meaty things and peanut butter. But I’m working on the carrots by adding them into the food – hopefully they’ll develop a taste for it!


  2. Oh no! Don’t feel guilty. At least they had the instinct to stop eating when their tummies felt crummy.
    As for trying a new treat, I find that my gal is happier with the act of having something tasty, versus how big it is. I break one treat into many pieces and hand them out while walking or doing basic training. She thinks she is getting twenty treats; I know she only got one 🙂
    So, maybe give them tiny pieces when Phoebe and Cooper are getting the full sized treats. That way they don’t feel left out, and you can see how they handle it.


    • Yup. I’m usually very good at “budgeting” treats throughout the day, and try to only use them after measuring out daily food for everyone, knowing we will be training or similar. But I totally forget about that when I’m actually busy baking! But now I’ve learnt my lesson!


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