DIY Fun Food Dispensing by ‘Barking Mad’

I’m always on the lookout for fun, easy and affordable activities for dogs. Particularly through my long journey with Phoebe, I came to realise how very important it is that dogs have some way of keeping themselves busy so that they remain healthy in body, mind and soul.

I’ve previously posted about how wonderful the Kong is, as well as a post on some home-made puzzle bottle food dispensers you can make. I saw this on the facebook of one of my favourite rescue organisations, Barking Mad, and just had to share this easy Kong alternative.

Here is the simple instructions as they posted them:

“So with the heat, come mid day, the last thing the dogs feel like is a walk up the mountain. So we have created peanut butter bomb snacks and meals for them to pass the time and keep their minds busy. We vary the peanut butter with liver spread. We place a blob of peanut butter at the bottom of the bucket then put in some of their kibble with a few slices of hot dog mixed in. Then we fill the bucket up with water and put it in the deep freeze and voila a great treat that will cool them and down and keep them pretty busy for a while you can do this with kongs to or empty margarine tubs

barking mad diy dog treats

 Here they are in the deep freeze once they are frozen the dogs will have a great time. Some of these we have made as per their meal portions with a few little treats, others are just small treats versions to keep them busy. “

barking mad diy dogs treats

Some of the Dogtown SA residents enjoying their treats

It’s so heart-warming to see how much work Barking Mad puts into not only rescuing dogs, but also how much they try to help and complete them to become adoptable and happy. The dogs at Dogtown SA truly are lucky!

If you are in South Africa, remember to go click on their site to feed the dogs, and to sms “Dog” to 38919 to donate!


I will be trying this out this weekend to see how much the dogs enjoy it (but judging by their love of the Kong, I’m pretty certain this will be a hit!


Phoebe’s Effectiveness Summary:

Issue Addressed: Separation Anxiety, Mental Stimulation, Play, Haet stroke

Tool(s) Used: Any empty containers, water, kibble, snacks

Cost: Low.

Ease of Implementation: Low. You can premake it, put in the deep freeze then just grab and go whenever you need one

Phoebe’s Effectiveness Rating: 5/5 for Mental Stimulation and Play. The concept of these kong-type treats are all the same, and will be loved by all. And like the Kong, this also doubles up a s a great way to control your dogs’ temperature in the rising summer heat!



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