Blogtober Day 30: Blogtober round up. Did you have fun?

It’s the end of the 31 Day Dog Blog Blogtober Challenge, and I am filled with both relief and disappointment that it’s over. Doing a challenge like this can be very demanding on your time, but it’s so nice to look back at the month and see how many posts you manage to achieve in such a short time!

Did I have fun? The answer would be “yes”. Would I recommend that others do a similar challenge? “yes” – especially if you are new to the blogosphere. In fact, there is already a great blogger who is doing her own version of this challenge – please go check out Sarah’s great blog about her adventures with her dog Choppy. Her 30 Day challenge can be found here.

The good stuff about the Blogtober challenge:

  • Blogging everyday gets your creative juices flowing. As I’m sure every blogger and writer knows, there are times when you lose the momentum of keeping regular posts, and finding new topics to write about. A challenge like this focuses your mind and gets you thinking about posts again
  • A challenge puts you in contact with other bloggers. By going onto WordPress every day, you not only increase visibility of your own blog, but you notice so many other great blogs that you would miss if you only log on once every week or two weeks.
  • It’s fun! For this challenge I changed from the usual informative tone of the blog and toyed with the concept of writing from Phoebe and Coopers’ point of view. Applying their personalities and giving them each a “voice” was entertaining, and gave me great insight into interpreting who they each are as separate dogs. It was often very entertaining!

The not-so-good stuff about the Blogtober challenge:

  • Time! The most precious commodity there is! The discipline needed to take even just a few minutes everyday to sit at the computer and tap out responses from both Phoebe and Cooper was sometimes challenging. There were also a few days that I just never managed to post – but I will still complete them in November, and link back to them!
  • Topics aren’t always easy or relevant. As this was my own, made up challenge, I scoured other challenges and randomly put topics together that I thought would be interesting. If I do the challenge again, I would definitely change or modify some of them.


And with that, let’s wrap this up with a farewell from your Blogtober hosts, Phoebe and Cooper!

bye Cooper

Bye Phoebe

Bye Phoebe

3 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 30: Blogtober round up. Did you have fun?

  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you this month for the first time! You did a great job with your posts, too. Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog!


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