Blogtober Day 29: How much of the world have you seen?

Travelling the world far and wide to find the perfect furever home!

Travelling the world far and wide to find the perfect furever home!

Cooper says:

To be honest, not much. I was born somewhere in the Boksburg area, and then I was left at kennels in the Benoni area (neighbouring suburbs in the East of Joburg, Gauteng). This is the same place my Mom found me at, so actually I haven’t done much travelling at all. But I don’t really mind that I haven’t been to many exotic places – I already know that home is my favourite place in the world!


Phoebe says:

I’ve managed to see quite a bit of the world, and consider myself as “well-travelled” in  both dog and human terms. I was born in Ruretse (Gaborone) Botswana and my entire dog-family were taken in by a rescue organisation there run by a South African couple. Then something went wrong with their visa’s and they had to move back to South Africa quickly. They couldn’t find another rescue organisation for us in Botswana, so all 40 dogs in their care were then sent to Cape Town, South Africa where we waited to find our new adoptive parents.

I stayed in a foster home there for a short while, but in the end we were all kept on a farm outside of the city. Life was tough, but there were lovely volunteers along the way who made an effort to make us comfortable. When I heard of a lady in Pretoria wanting to adopt my sister Lavender, I got the travel bug and decided in that split second that I would cheat the system and go on that new adventure to a new location in Lavender’s place! I’m so glad I did!

I love my history of travelling, but I’m also glad to have finally settled down in my furever home!


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