Blogtober Day 26: Do you have any ongoing health niggles?


Cooper says:

Nothing serious, but I have very itchy skin. It’s not bad enough for veterinary care, but my Mom has to make sure I get special food and that I regularly get a bath to keep my coat shiny and my skin irritation free!


Phoebe says:

My ongoing health niggle is my ears. The infection was so bad when I first arrived at my Mom that the Vet and Mom thought there may be a chance that it had caused so much damage that I may actually even be deaf. Luckily the infection cleared up and I have no damage to my hearing, but I still have to have my ears regularly checked and cleaned. My ears get the most irritated when it’s about to rain, so at least I help my Mom by being an unintentional Weatherdog! 🙂


Mom says:

Keeping Phoebe and Cooper healthy is an essential part of their overall care. Because they were both rescue dogs from dubious backgrounds they came with quite few problems. Through them I’ve learned the importance of the process of elimination when it comes to understanding a “problem” behaviour – are they acting out because of a hurt paw, upset stomache, aching ear, or is there a psychological, behavioural problem on its own. Having a great Vet and Behaviourist who respect the importance of each others’ professions and opinions has helped me put Phoebe and Cooper on the road to living happy lives in every sphere!


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