Blogtober Day 23: Who is your human celebrity counterpart?

Cooper says:

I’m a huge fan of Zach Galifianakis, and think I can see quite a few similarities between him and me! We’re both really funny guys, handsome in a very un-hollywood like way, and even more freaky: his Mom is of Scottish-English descent, and his Dad is Greek. It’s like we’re living the same life!!

See? We're both handsome, happy, funny guys!

See? We’re both handsome, happy, funny guys!

I’d be happy to be compared to this likable, lovable comedian!


Phoebe says:

From the little Mom and I have seen in the magazines and TV, I think I’m very similar to Kirsten Stewart. Now, hear me out… I’m not talking about her character in that vampire movie where she is so sad and sullen while being in love. No, I’m talking about the glimpses of the beautiful, shy, and introverted girl who happens to be in probably the worst industry in the world for people like her.

Kindred spirits?

Kindred spirits?

I understand how her shyness and introversion is continuously misinterpreted as being angry and arrogant. And when the news broke that she had an affair I totally understood the feeling she must have had of knowing you’ve done something wrong, but being condemned in the public space to a point where the “punishment” through the tabloids did not fit the “crime”. For me, my introversion and fear are often criticised and I’m condemned when I act out – I feel a kind of kinship with her!


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