Blogtober Day 20: Your favourite Dog charity or organisation

Phoebe says:

As a rescue dog, I am especially grateful to all those Charities and Organisations that dedicate themselves to saving, caring for, and finding homes for animals in need. I recommend Barking Mad because they are a major umbrella networking organisation that has its own rescue centre where they take in dogs with major medical or behavioural problems, as well as serve as a networking organisation for hundreds of other charities in the country who are looking for homes for the dogs they work with.

You can check them out at their website, or like their facebook page.

barking mad


Cooper says:

My Mom also found me on the Barking Mad facebook page, so my first choice would have to also be for them, but more specifically, I also have to give a fond acknowledgement to the original rescue organisation that first took up my case, and started spreading the word about me – Petsave. Petsave is a rescue organisation that specialises in creating a network to foster animals in need until they can find the perfect furever home.

You can check them out on their website, or like their facebook page



Mom says:

Both these organisations are close to my heart, but there is another organisation I would also add to the list, even if I personally haven’t gotten an animal from them. They are a great right to life organisation and do amazing rescue work. They also have great fundraising and awareness campaigns that deserve all the support that they get. This organisation is Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre. Go visit their website or facebook page if you get a chance!



You can check out the full Blogtober challenge here


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