Blogtober Day 18: Does your name have a special meaning?

Phoebe says: “Bright, Pure”

When I arrived at my Mom’s door I already had a name – Phoebe. I’m not sure who named me, but it’s a name I really like, and it also seems to be a popular name for dogs on the blogs that Mom reads.

To check the full explanation on the “Behind the Name” Website, you can click here. But here’s a snapshot of what it said:

Screenshot (170)

Cooper says: “Barrel Maker”
When my Mom found me, the rescue organisation had called me “Droopy”. My Mom didn’t really like the name, and I wasn’t very responsive to it, so we all decided a name change was in order. The two choices were “Cooper” and “Dudley”. I’m happy we went with Cooper though – I think it suits me!
Screenshot (171)
Mom says:
Naming pets has become more and more difficult for me, as we’ve had so many different cats, dogs and fish over the years! I try to pick a name that “matches” the personality of the pet best, but with rescue animals I usually stick to their name because it’s part of their identity and a word they can respond to.
Of the names that I’ve given pets my top 3 “best” – ie. most fitting for the animal – would be:
  1. Mrs Miniver – I had just finished watching the old classic with my gran when we adopted a beautiful, majestic persian cat. The name fit her perfectly!
  2. Robin – My beautiful sidekick and faithful companion. He was the bravest, most loyal Boy Wonder!
  3. Jordan – Another beautiful, loveable German Shepherd I had as a teen. This boy was named after my biggest crush: Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block. And just like his boy band namesake, Jordan was full of energy and loved to dance and sing with me in the afternoons as I put on imaginary concerts for my imaginary audiences. Jordan was my biggest fan, and I his.


You can see the full Blogtober Challenge here


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