Blogtober Day 14: Guide to your city. Where is your favourite spot?

Phoebe says:

I love being able to get out and stretch my long legs, but I don’t really like it when there are lots of other dogs around – especially if they are off leash. The fact that I’m not good with other dogs limits my Mom’s choices as to where we can go, but we still try hard to find new places to walk and play so we don’t get bored. My two favourite places are the Kruin Park because it’s near our home, but I think ultimately my favourite place is the Smuts House in Irene. The trail is short at +/-3km, but there’s a nice climb up to the Koppie, with a nice view for a brisk Sunday morning trail walk.


Cooper says:

Unlike Phoebe, I like being where lots of other dogs have been because I love collecting all their smells and learning about them. I just still have to work on my greeting issues before I can go near them! I would say my favourite spot is the very busy Waterkloof Park, but I also love going to the Smuts House with the family!


Here we are with our Mom at the koppie by Smuts House

Here we are with our Mom at the koppie by Smuts House

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