Blogtober Day 11: What kind of dog are you?


Cooper says:

I am a Labrador x Basset Hound. My Mom did some research on the internet, and apparently this is quite a popular cross breed, that even has a name: The Bas(s)ador.

At first sight I am quite strange to look at with my Labrador head, 3/4 Basset ears, Lab body, and short little Basset legs – complete with the “ballerina” front feet pointing out. But I think all these qualities put together make me beautiful and handsome at the same time!

Check out how handsome I am!

Check out how handsome I am!


Phoebe says:

I am an Africanis. I was recently officially recognised as an emerging breed by the Kennel Union of South Africa. My breed is often confused with other mixed breed dogs that roam impoverished areas, often referred to as “township dogs”, but we are different because we have specific traits, genetics and a long history of living harmoniously on the African plains in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Aren't I beautiful?

Aren’t I beautiful?

You can click here for more information about me and my breed.

It is my experience that the Africanis is a marvellous pet and house dog. Guided by its instinct of subservience it will steal your heart before you realise it. – Johan Gallant, President of the Africanis Society of Southern Africa (September 9, 2005).


Mom says:

Yes, “Rescued” is my favourite breed,as the picture on top says. But I assure you, I’m not one of those people who thinks that ONLY rescue dogs should be taken in. All dogs and breeds deserve a good home, and I’m not against (legal, responsible) breeding. In fact, if I have to be honest, I will always have a soft spot for German Shepherds, as I grew up with them most of my life. I would get a pure breed one again in a heartbeat if we had the space and need to grow the family…. but of course, a rescued pure breed GSD would be even better 😉


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