Blogtober Day 7: An old photo of you

Cooper says:

Because I am a former rescue dog, I didn’t have many opportunities to model for any photographers, but I love the camera now! The earliest photo that my Mom knows of is the pictures on the poster that was made by the rescue organisation who were helping me to find a home. This poster was dated 05 May 2014, and my Mom immediately called to set up a play date and adoption for me. I also prefer my new name, it suits me much better! 🙂

droopy cooper dog adoption poster

May, 2014


Phoebe says:

I’m also a rescue dog, so there aren’t many old pictures of me. In fact, when I arrived at my Mom’s door I hadn’t even yet been photographed for my own poster for the rescue organisation to begin networking for me. When the confusing journey began and my Mom was trying to figure out who I was, this is the screenshot picture that the volunteer who knew me in the Cape Town facility emailed. As far as we know it’s the only picture of me before 2012.

Phoebe 2011 ruretse

March, 2011

The next pictures taken of me were the ones my Mom sent to my rescue organisation, which they made into this poster as an announcement that I was homed.

Phoebe rescue adoption poster

November 2012


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