Blogtober Day 5: 3 things you want to say to people you admire


Cooper says:

  1. “You make food all day?! I want to be a ‘chef’ too!” 🙂
  2. “Thanks to the organisation that found me and networked me so that I could find this furever home. You rock!”
  3. “Thank you to the makers of ‘meat’. I don’t know where it comes from, but when my Mom or Dad put that into my bowl, I become so happy I could burst!”


Phoebe says:

  1. “Love you Mom and Dad. xoxo
  2. “To the Behaviourist who came to Mom’s aid when she was so overwhelmed with me and all my issues: THANK YOU. Thank you also for keeping a class open for reactive dogs to attend so that I too can go to learn, love and enjoy!”
  3. “Thanks to all the animal lovers out there who volunteer at rescue organisations and shelters. You’re changing the lives of lucky dogs and cats every day!”


To view the full Blogtober 2014 challenge, click here


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