Blogtober Day 2: Your best friend

“The pair of us are like salt and sugar: such different flavors, but so close in every other way you could never sort us apart once we’re together.”  – Sarah Miller

Phoebe Says:

That’s an easy one! My BFF is Angel. From the day I arrived I was so scared and didn’t know how I was going to cope in this new environment and it was Angel, the matriarch of the household, who immediately befriended me and showed me the ways of the home. She helped me to feel safe in my new home, and always makes sure that I never sleep alone. I’ve heard that dogs aren’t really supposed to be friends with cats, but I think that’s just because none of them have taken the time to find out that they can be as sweet and kind as Angel is!

Phoebe Angel


Cooper says:

That’s a hard one! Even though I come across as quite over the top and dominant at first, I actually love everyone – humans, dogs and cats! If I really had to pick my favourite(s) I would have to say my adoptive sister Phoebe, and my Dad. Both of them love to play with me no matter what time of day it is!

Cooper friends


Mom says:

I’m so lucky to be blessed with a calm, happy and loving household where everyone is friends with everyone else. This is especially important because of the dog-cat dynamics, and the dog-dog reactive issues that both Phoebe and Cooper have. The pets really love their nightly snuggle fests!

snuggle bffs blogtober

You can view the full 31 Day Blogtober Dog Blog Challenge here.


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