Blogtober Day 1: Introduction and photo of yourself today

Cooper says:

Hi everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of the Blogtober Challenge! My name is Cooper, and I’m a Labrador x Basset Hound dog that was rescued by my wonderful Mom and Dad in May 2014. I have lots of character, and love being around people and the animals that are my family, though don’t really like any cats and dogs outside of my home.

I’m looking forward to spending the next month with you all!

Hi Everyone!

“Hi Everyone!”


Phoebe says:

Hello! I’m Phoebe, and I’m an Africanis dog who was rescued by my Mom in November 2012. We’ve come a very long way together to overcome all of my many fears and foibles, but I think we’re doing well!

I’m just as curious as you are to see the interesting things that come up this month!

"Must we take a photo now? I'm busy playing with my toy!"

“Must we take a photo now? I’m busy playing with my toy!”


Mom says:

I’m so glad you’ve popped in to check out the first day of the Blogtober Challenge! For the rest of the month I’ll let Phoebe and Cooper take over the narration of the challenge, and only occasionally chip in with more information if needed.

To find out more about Phoebe and Cooper, as well as the reason for this blog, you can check the ABOUT Page.

You can view the full 31 Day Blogtober Dog Blog Challenge here.


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