Keeping the parasites at bay

Summer is fast approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere, which means more activities and time spent outdoors with the furkids. But it’s important to remember that it’s not just us humans who “come out and play” in the warm weather.. all kinds of critters come out in this time, and it’s our job to try to protect our pets from those ones that can harm them.

As with all problems in life, the motto “Prevention is better than Cure” is especially important when dealing with ticks, fleas and the like. Out of habit, I happen to always use Frontline to protect my dogs, but I’m aware that there are many similar products out there, though I am not familiar with them. I have been told that you should occasionally mix up and change the brand you use to prevent “tolerance” from building in the pests making the treatment less effective. But what brand to choose?

While I was considering it I received the perfect newsletter from the online pet store that gave this great graphic summary of which products are available and what they each do.

A really great summary of the various preventative tick and flea treatments available

A really great summary of the various preventative tick and flea treatments available

I highly recommend that you check out the site and sign up for their newsletters. I love that their newsletters aren’t just annoying sales pitches, but that they are also always informative on one or more pet care issue. They have great prices, friendly staff and deliveries are always fast.

… And no, I am in no way affiliated to them, and receive no benefit from this post – I just want to share a site that I think deserves a boost in patronage! 🙂


Phoebe and Cooper’s Effectiveness Summary:

Issue Addressed: Pests and parasites

Tool(s) Used: Frontline preventative tick and flea solution (or similar)

Cost: Medium

Ease of Implementation: Easy

Phoebe & Cooper’s Effectiveness Rating: 5/5. Phoebe and Cooper are both flea free (and so are the cats!), so this definitely works. Though your household will not be immune to the occasional infestation over the years, this will be more due to environmental factors that allow the populations to thrive. Put this on your pets regularly to avoid major infestation and harm


Which types of tick and flea preventative items do you use for your pets?


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