We’re Moving! A New Dog Blog!

Hi there! For those of you who are wondering how this blog came about, you can read all about it here. Starting a second blog purely dedicated to my adventures with Phoebe and Cooper seemed like a natural progression after I realised how much I liked sharing our trials and successes.
Feel free to follow either (or both!) of these blogs if they appeal to you!

The Bucket List Project

Have you been enjoying reading about the trials and tribulations of Phoebe and Cooper? Well, it’s about time that they got a blog that was solely dedicated to them. The new home for their blog posts is: The Dogtails. Fabulous Phoebe and Super Duper Cooper. I’ll still be doing a few tweaks as it goes live, but feel free to pop in and give me feedback as I build it up!

We're Moving! Come Visit!

When I first started the Bucket List Project I wanted to start this blog as a way to keep track of my main accomplishments towards these goals. You can read about that here. But as it often happens, I found my “blogging passion” when I started my journey as an adoptive parent to Phoebe and Cooper. Not only has blogging about them helped me on my own journey to happiness with them, but it’s also opened…

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