Finding Cooper: Our family is Growing! #42 Register as a Foster Parent

“Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs.” – J.R. Ackerley

Well, I still have yet to inch any closer to my goal of becoming a foster parent to a human baby, but in the meantime, I became a foster (then adoptive) Mom to Fabulous Phoebe. I’m now happy to announce that the family is once again officially growing, and I have become a foster mom to yet another canine beauty – this time to “Cooper” (previously known as Droopy).

Regular readers may recall that I’ve been trying to get Phoebe to expand her social horizons from beyond our weekly classes, and have set up a few play dates for her to meet other canine friends. She was a bit anxious at first with each one, but eventually warmed up to them all. The most recent, and most important one though, was her playdates set up with Cooper. You can read all about him HERE.

I filled in all the paperwork, did the play dates, and patiently waited for my house inspection and allotted pick-up dates. Then, on a sunny Friday afternoon I embarked on a brazen last minute near-dognapping incident and swooped in and rescued sweet Cooper from his solitary existence (that’s a story for another day & blog entry! 🙂 ) and rushed him home to settle in at his new home, with his new family!

Cooper happy to be chauffeur driven to his new house, with all his new housemates!

Cooper happy to be chauffeur driven to his new house, with all his new housemates!

So how has Phoebe reacted to her new foster brother? Well, it’s difficult to say right now, but she doesn’t seem nearly as stressed as I thought she would be. The cats have also made themselves scarce, but that’s not unusual when there’s a new arrival. Though I’m cautious about being too optimistic, I have a suspicion that Cooper will be a blessing to the entire family, and that we’ll all be so much happier for the busier home!

In this entry I’ll save the usual “Phoebe’s Effectiveness Rating” for a time when I can better judge how Phoebe reacts and what the introductions are like. Be sure to pop in to check on any new developments!


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