Granny Comes to Visit

Phoebe finally got the chance to meet her adoptive granny!

My Mom has been following the journey of Phoebe and I from afar through telephonic and email updates, and at last got the opportunity to meet her in person when she came to stay with me for two weeks.

Even my mom will admit that she was hesitant about this first meeting as her picture of Phoebe was that she was this nervous wreck of a dog who was taking up far too much of my time and effort… But after 2 minutes of them meeting they both completely fell in love with each other!

Phoebe still yearns for her company because for the first time she had someone who was around all the time, took her on long walks twice a day, and made lots of homemade meals and treats. What a life!

When my Mom left, she even gave me a long lecture about how if this is the only grandchild she has for the time being, she expects me to work on my calendar and to arrange for Phoebe to fly down to her farm for a visit during school holidays so that she can be pampered and treated.

A reasonable request from any Granny, don’t you think? 😀

mom phoebe


One thought on “Granny Comes to Visit

  1. Awesome! My dad refers to my dog as his grandpuppy, so I know what you mean.
    Sounds like Phoebe had a respite from her anxiety, and you had a respite from all the worry. It must have been a great break for everyone 🐕
    quite a breakthrough!


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